My Turn

Nick told me something spectacular was going to happen to me today. I don’t know. It’s not that I didn’t believe him necessarily; I really thought he just wanted me to make something happen today. You see, I’m supposed to be in the First Coast News station today to do a phone bank to promote awareness for Cancer Prevention Study-3. If I have the opportunity to promote what I’m doing music wise, then sure, I’ll make the most of it. I just wasn’t going to force anything to happen.

I found myself praying at the bus stop this morning. “Use me Lord, use me for your purposes.” I didn’t expect to find another man starving on the street. I thought, “really Lord, another homeless man?” Nick helped a homeless man yesterday. This one also held a sign, and was conveniently placed so I would see him walking to work after getting off the bus. I had no money on me of course. I told him of a place around the corner I like to stop at, and he walked with me. He said he also needed bus fare to get back to the beach. I started to pull out my bus pass to give to him. I need this pass, I knew I wasn’t going to get it back, and I hesitated before giving it to him, thinking there had to be another way. There wasn’t and I felt urged to give it to him. I also gave him one of my business cards for the music, and asked him to check out the videos when he had access to a computer. He sat outside while I went inside to order his food.

When I came back outside with his food, I sat down with him at one of the tables. He asked me if I was a Christian, he said he had looked at my card. My card does not say that I am a Christian or that I do Christian music. I told him I was, that I was saved in February. I wasn’t sure why I felt the need to add the last part but his response was even more intriguing when I asked if he was a Christian. He said, “Yeah, I got saved when I was a kid.” Looking at this man across from me, I knew he did not have the Holy Spirit in him, and my response was “but you aren’t anymore.” I couldn’t believe I said that. It was so forward. I shared with him a passage from Judges that my Pastor preached about yesterday when Samson was unaware that the Holy Spirit had left him. Something told me this morning to grab those notes, and I am so glad that I listened because this man desperately needed to hear that. He hung his head some, and we started talking about his mom who died recently, and how that was the catalyst that helped land him on the streets because he used to live with her. We talked about his two disabilities and how he is waiting for his appointment for Social Security. We talked about his friend at the beach who lets him sleep on his couch. He also asked me to pray for him.

Perhaps I was a little hard on him, but I told him that he is better than this, that his situation is self-inflicted. I told him that God mourns those that walk away from Him. I told him that he cannot continue to use his mom’s death as a reason to stop taking care of himself. I told him that he needs to confess and give his life back over to Jesus Christ. I also had him promise me that he would find a church when he gets back to the beach. When he asked me which one, I told him to let the Lord lead him. In the end, this man was very close to tears, and he needed a hug.

When I woke up this morning, I never thought that I would have the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. Not only did I buy food for this homeless man, I had a conversation with him about God. Oh yeah, and I hugged him. I hugged a homeless person. There are all kinds of people that need our help. and there is always a path to get there. My pastor gave me the message this man needed to hear yesterday. I was there yesterday when Nick was led to feed a different homeless man. Today was my turn. I had the time to sit there with him before work and find out how his life had gone so wrong.

There is always someone to pray for. Please don’t turn a blind eye. Let the Lord lead you to those in need. You never know what kind of difference you can have in someone’s life just by showing up. 
– Kristeen


One thought on “My Turn

  1. Bless you for not turning away from this homeless man. “You never know what kind of difference you can have in someone’s life just by showing up.” If our hearts are always open to God and to Love we can be part of a miracle. It would be interesting if you met this same man, a year from now, to see what direction he took. My guess is that he will be following the Lord and assisting others as you have assisted him. ~ Blessings, Dennis

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