Let’s Hear It For God!

This was Nick’s morning… God just keeps finding ways for us to bless others…

“My day started out normal, nothing fancy just another Friday at work. I saw a post on Twitter to someone that said “my brother passed away yesterday” and my heart sank. I immediately thought to myself how much pain this young woman must be going through. I reached out to her and apologized for her loss. I asked her, “was your brother saved?” She said “yes he was and said he has been struggling the past several years.” I didn’t know what that meant, but I didn’t feel lead to ask anymore details. I told her I was excited that he was saved because Christians mourn the loss, but can’t wait to be reunited in Heaven. I shared with her one of the songs that Kristeen and I wrote together called “Only You”. I told her that I felt this song will lift her up. I said “I pray that God will hold you close in your time of need”. She listened to the song and said, “thank you so much for the beautiful song”. 

Sometimes God will use us or something we have created as a tool to reach the soul of another. Because everything is done with God’s timing my next post was “the loss of a loved one is difficult to manage, but God has a big shoulder for you to cry on. Rejoice in the fact that one day, reunite in Heaven.” A completely different person messaged me and said “its funny that you Tweeted this my cousin just passed away yesterday.” Not by my design, but God’s own timing I wrote something for the pain of one person and it jumped out to the life of another.” – Nick


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