Turn the Other Cheek

A group of ladies just walked by me, and I heard one of them say to her coworkers, “let the Lord fight your battles.” This is coming after the video this morning and one of my coworkers using Psalms 91 to overcome her own fears. God is telling me, “I got this.” Whether I’m arguing with someone to state my case or giving in to anxiety in a car, I’m not being obedient. I’m not letting him take control. I’ve been fighting my own battles and allowing myself to get wounded in the process. I keep trying to defend myself because “I shouldn’t be treated this way.”

God is in control of my life  and only he can truly get through to a person. I’m killing myself trying to pry open closed eyes, and God has better plans for me.

Maybe that is why He wants us to “turn the other cheek.” He will work on their hearts. He will judge them. I am not saying that it’s okay if I don’t fight back. I am here to glorify my Lord Jesus Christ. My sacrifices and pain will never amount to what He has done for my soul, and still He is there to defend me. Better yet, He has a higher chance of succeeding than me.

Lord, I repent for my lack of trust. I relinquish control to you because only you know the way to a better life. My life is not meant to be without struggle, and I will turn to you as a faithful servant takes direction from His Master. You alone reign.

The Wreck God Saved Me From

Nick and I were talking this morning about my driving. Or rather my lack of driving. Yes, I’ve never had a driver’s license. Being in a moving car terrifies me, and has for most of my adult life. I never felt like that when I was younger. If my parents had had a car when I was 16, I’m sure I would have had no problem getting in the drivers seat like any other normal person. All of that changed when I was in a car accident.

I was 19 or 20 years old, and was in the Navy. It was a beautiful Saturday morning, and I had just left the ship with my boyfriend at the time. I was still recovering from having Strep and wasn’t feeling well. We were headed back to Orlando where he was stationed for the weekend, and got on I-95 like normal. I had just put my seatbelt back on after taking it off for some reason. He was driving 80mph and I was in the passenger seat. A friend of ours was spread out on the backseat with no seatbelt on.

Someone cut us off on the right side, and my boyfriend swerved to the left so we wouldn’t get hit. There wasn’t a lane to move to, only orange barrels lining the side of the road. When he swerved back to the right to get back in the lane, my boyfriend lost control of the car and started moving quickly in a diagonal pattern to the right. We crossed three lanes of traffic, and hit a directional pole for traffic coming on to the highway. The car continued to roll forward and we crossed two more lanes of traffic before hitting three trees and doing a 360. When the car stopped, there was glass everywhere, and my friend who was in the backseat was to my right. The car was totaled but not one of us walked away with so much as a scratch.

For the first year after the accident, I screamed anytime another car got close to me while in someones car. I hate merge lanes, and always fearful that someone is going to come into our lane. I’m not comfortable driving. I get behind the wheel of a car, and have to ask myself which one is the brake and which one is the gas. Although I’ve had many driving lessons, I have never gotten to the point where I am confident that I won’t hurt myself or someone else because of my fears.

Nick told me this morning that he can’t understand how I have driven before and yet still resist driving. He doesn’t understand my fears, and frankly no one seems to. I know that it’s something I need to work on, but how do you move past your fear to accomplish something you think is going to kill you? I walked away from him to wait for my bus to work, feeling down and unsure of myself.

After getting on the bus, I started checking my Facebook feed and found a video with a description that said, “if you don’t believe in God, watch this.” I clicked the video and was confused at first. It was in a different language, and it starts off with a car falling from the sky near some people. The next scene shows a car running into a building. I thought it was a trailer for a movie but as I kept watching scene after scene, I noticed a pattern. They were all clips of cars spinning out of control toward people, and the people WERE SAVED. The cars missed the people every time. The video played on and I watched in horror as it kept happening over and over again.

I played the video several times, and when I am done writing this post I’m going to play it again. Without the tagline about God, I don’t know that I would be looking at this video several times. It’s  disturbing footage and stirs fear in my heart. But as I kept playing it over and over again, something started happening to me. I started seeing the miracles more and more. I started seeing the point of the video, and how God saved all of those people. Every single one in the most terrifying moments captured on video. This was real footage taken from dashboard cams, and they all survived.

After probably the third time watching the video, it occurred to me that I too was saved. We crossed five lanes of traffic and no other car hit my boyfriend’s car. We flew into trees with such force, and totaled the car. I walked away without a scratch on me. I know all of these details but why have I never looked at the depth of God’s love before? Maybe it’s because I’m a new Christian and this happened so long ago when I didn’t have a relationship with Jesus. I don’t know but it occurs to me now that I’ve spent my life in fearing that I die in a car accident. BUT I DIDN’T DIE. I’m still here. God still has a purpose for me, and if it happens again, it will still be up to God whether I survive or not. I have no control over it at all.

I try so hard to give my fears to God but I am still learning how to let go in all cases. This is definitely one of those times but I’m realizing today that I can get in the car and let God do the driving. He drove cars out of the path of people in that video. He can drive my fear out of me. He can keep me safe.

This is not to say that I will get my driver’s license tomorrow; it is still a process but finding that video when I was feeling down is a sign from God hope is not lost.


Thank you Lord for never failing me, for saving me every day from myself.

This One’s For The Boys…

I heard someone say recently that they just want their wife to be “happy, smiling, and joyous.” There are several ways a man can help in that department. For one thing, never call a woman fat. Also, please don’t allude to the possibility that she might be fat. For instance,  jokingly asking a girl if she can see her toes will never go over well, not even when she is pregnant. You can ask her if she wants to go for a walk with you. That makes her feel like you want to spend time with her and not like she just needs exercise.

Women need to feel desired, wanted, and loved. In a girl’s mind, being fat never results in those feelings. If anything, it undercuts her self-esteem and makes her question herself. Most if not all women struggle with weight issues, and teasing them about it brings those feelings to the surface. It reminds them that they are not perfect and not where they want to be. You might think that this alone will charge women with making a quick change to turn their bodies into everything they’ve ever dreamed. To the contrary. Women tend to be feelers first and take action second. There won’t be any action if you’re mopping up her tears or staring at her back because now she’s not talking to you.

I know sometimes something just seems too funny to you to pass up on using it as a joke but do me a favor. Step into the shoes of a woman for a moment and ask how you would feel if all of your failures were pointed out and advertised for all to see. Secretly, that’s how women feel about their weight regardless of whether she is fat or skinny. Being beautiful in the eyes of a man is hard work, even after you’re snagged your man.

Baby Girl

There’s a little girl that I know. I want so bad to be there for that little girl but she doesn’t see me. Baby girl, please open your eyes. My heart is open for you, I want to love on you. I want to take away your pain and your sorrows but I don’t know how to get to you. You’re behind a wall. I keep trying to figure out how to get to you. Like a scientist, I look at this problem from all angles and try to figure out how to move on. Should I knock on the ice? That doesn’t seem to work. Can I shatter the ice? It’s too thick. She can’t hear me on the other side calling her name. I’m just waiting, waiting for it to melt. I stand looking at her through the ice and it hurts. She looks like she has everything she needs on the other side but I know in my heart that’s not true. Why doesn’t she hear me? Why doesn’t she see me? She’s totally oblivious, wrapped up in her world of pain that she doesn’t see her rescuer.

I wonder if that is how God feels when you turn away from him continuously. He is standing at the door, wanting so desperately to help you and infiltrate your world. But he knows… you can’t break in to someone’s else’s world. You can’t even try really. The door handle is not on your side of the door, it’s on theirs. People may look at you and wonder why you’re not trying. They may say that you’re not trying hard enough. The wise man knows that in God’s timing the door will be opened. Until then, you have to figure out what to do with your heart that is ready to give so much. Sometimes you have to walk away from the door for a little bit because waiting is torture, but in your heart you know that it will all be okay one day.

Connect your faith to the source, and all will be revealed. And in due time, all wounds will be healed.

Awaken the Holy Spirit Within Your Life

This is simply amazing! And I highly recommend that you listen to the podcast.

KNG Music

Nate Fancher Interviews Tim Timmons


Kristeen kept telling me to listen to this interview that Nate did with Tim Timmons.  If you haven’t heard it yet please take a moment and be blessed by the insight that Tim has been given.  This year has been an eye opener for me, and my walk with The Lord is 10X more then it has ever been in the past.  Tim points out the pruning of the vine to bear more fruit, and God had to cut back my vine tremendously this year but He does it with love and care like that of a gardener.  I have had multiple experiences like that of Tim and I urge each person that reads my short blog to stop and ask if God has been speaking into your life.  I was a Christian for 27 years before I was cut back and God brought…

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When A 2-Year Old Needs You

I finally got him to lay down comfortably in his bed after several false attempts. It’s not unusual, I mean he is a 2-year old and they’re not exactly known for wanting to sleep. Maybe I should also add that I am not his mother and so putting him to bed has been even more of a struggle for me lately. I’ve been kicked, hit, screamed at… you name it. This mothering thing is hard work, and sometimes it’s hard to separate what is him being a 2-year old, and what is him testing me because he is still getting to know me. 

Tonight, none of the past mattered. All the times I lay there and cried, feeling beaten down by my own shortcomings, not knowing how to handle him, and letting him get the best of me… it all melted away with three simple words…

No, not those words. He has no problem telling me he loves me. But what child of 2 says to someone they haven’t known very long…


Simple, to the point. He wove his arms in mine and held on for dear life, not wanting me to let go of him. Not wanting me to leave him. 

There are so many ways I can look at this, so many implications that are just now going through my mind. But in that moment my focus was on prayer. I have prayed many prayers over this child and tonight, I prayed heavily on God’s ears to allow this child to know him, that he would grow up and ask Jesus to come into his life. I prayed that he turns to Him in his time of need, when all else seems hopeless and he feels alone. I told him that he is not alone, and that Jesus loves him, and that when I’m not there and Daddy’s not there, Jesus still is. Jesus is always there for him, and always will be. 

No child is too young to start praying on. Every child should know that they are not alone and that there is always someone to turn to.  I pray for all of God’s children that they turn to you Lord in their time of need. I pray that their parents seek you for guidance on how to lead them to You, and the many blessings you have for them Lord. My Christian heart is young, but my love and my faith are steadfast with the testament of my life before you. I know that we all have so many things to pray for but please remember our children, young and old, born and unborn that need our guidance. They are our future, yes, but they are also the next generation of workers in God’s kingdom. 


The Risk of Obeying God

So true!


Luke 5:1-11

As Christians, we can waste our lives standing on faith’s shoreline, never venturing beyond ankle-deep water. There we have little need for the Lord.

After all, we are safe on the beach, far from the danger of high waves and storms. But believers who release themselves into deeper waters of obedience need God desperately.

By casting oneself farther offshore, the Christian relinquishes control of his life. No longer can he pretend to determine his own fate, whether in regard to career choices, financial decisions, or church involvement. God is Captain of the boat, whereas the believer is the obedient first mate. Will storms come? Yes. Will the Captain at times make difficult requests? Yes. Will the first mate sometimes feel scared? Yes. But the surrendered believer experiences Christ more intimately than someone on shore can; he receives a boatload of God’s goodness and blessings.

Most churchgoers easily claim…

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Hard Times Revealed

KNG Music

Went to Wal-Mart today to pick up some new oven mitts so that Kristeen wouldn’t get burnt anymore (the old ones had some holes in them).  While in the checkout line, I noticed the cashier had a lanyard on that said “I love Jesus”.  I thought it was pretty neat.  I pulled out one of Kristeen’s business cards and said “I wanted to bless you with some free music”.  She studied the card like it was foreign money.  I then followed it up with “I make Christian music videos”.  The response from the cashier was “I really needed this today, I am going through some hard times.”  Her response gave me the chills, but knowing she had other customers in line I told her that if she needed anything to reach out to me and my information was on the business card.  I don’t know what this woman was battling…

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