Picture This…

Picture this… you’re on stage, singing a set you have been preparing for. You put your heart on display through the emotion in your voice. You are comfortable being in the spotlight even though you normally aren’t, and you are even swaying to the music. The music has overcome you and you are putting everything you have into your performance. You have no expectations as to what kind of response you will get because you know that God will lead the right people to you that need to hear you. You’re just putting all of your trust in God.

And then it happens… people start moving toward your voice. They move into the stage area, joining others already sitting there, so they can listen to the sounds coming from the stage. Then something truly beautiful happens. A young girl, perhaps 9 or 10 years of age, walks over to the stage steps and lays down on them, looking up at you with awe and wonder. She sings along with you while you sing “Lead Me to the Cross,” and you just know that this girl has felt the call to God. You don’t know if she is saved or not but it doesn’t matter. In that moment she was moved to love the words you are singing enough to move out of her comfort zone into the public eye. 

This was my experience on Saturday night when I sang at the Coastal Carolina Fair in Charleston. She sat there for the majority of my performance and I even found myself singing to her. I love that little girl for her honest display of love for Christian music, for not being ashamed to run toward the light. I don’t know how many people heard me sing at the fair that night and to me it doesn’t matter. I know I touched at least one little stranger and for that I know my presence there was needed. Thank you Lord for continuing to lead me to your people. 


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