Baby Girl

There’s a little girl that I know. I want so bad to be there for that little girl but she doesn’t see me. Baby girl, please open your eyes. My heart is open for you, I want to love on you. I want to take away your pain and your sorrows but I don’t know how to get to you. You’re behind a wall. I keep trying to figure out how to get to you. Like a scientist, I look at this problem from all angles and try to figure out how to move on. Should I knock on the ice? That doesn’t seem to work. Can I shatter the ice? It’s too thick. She can’t hear me on the other side calling her name. I’m just waiting, waiting for it to melt. I stand looking at her through the ice and it hurts. She looks like she has everything she needs on the other side but I know in my heart that’s not true. Why doesn’t she hear me? Why doesn’t she see me? She’s totally oblivious, wrapped up in her world of pain that she doesn’t see her rescuer.

I wonder if that is how God feels when you turn away from him continuously. He is standing at the door, wanting so desperately to help you and infiltrate your world. But he knows… you can’t break in to someone’s else’s world. You can’t even try really. The door handle is not on your side of the door, it’s on theirs. People may look at you and wonder why you’re not trying. They may say that you’re not trying hard enough. The wise man knows that in God’s timing the door will be opened. Until then, you have to figure out what to do with your heart that is ready to give so much. Sometimes you have to walk away from the door for a little bit because waiting is torture, but in your heart you know that it will all be okay one day.

Connect your faith to the source, and all will be revealed. And in due time, all wounds will be healed.


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