Turn the Other Cheek

A group of ladies just walked by me, and I heard one of them say to her coworkers, “let the Lord fight your battles.” This is coming after the video this morning and one of my coworkers using Psalms 91 to overcome her own fears. God is telling me, “I got this.” Whether I’m arguing with someone to state my case or giving in to anxiety in a car, I’m not being obedient. I’m not letting him take control. I’ve been fighting my own battles and allowing myself to get wounded in the process. I keep trying to defend myself because “I shouldn’t be treated this way.”

God is in control of my life  and only he can truly get through to a person. I’m killing myself trying to pry open closed eyes, and God has better plans for me.

Maybe that is why He wants us to “turn the other cheek.” He will work on their hearts. He will judge them. I am not saying that it’s okay if I don’t fight back. I am here to glorify my Lord Jesus Christ. My sacrifices and pain will never amount to what He has done for my soul, and still He is there to defend me. Better yet, He has a higher chance of succeeding than me.

Lord, I repent for my lack of trust. I relinquish control to you because only you know the way to a better life. My life is not meant to be without struggle, and I will turn to you as a faithful servant takes direction from His Master. You alone reign.

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