Let’s Finish The Fight


As you may know, I work at the American Cancer Society, and today I am reaching out to you because I need your help. I meet countless people whose lives have been shattered by cancer. I’ve met too many family members that come into my office to donate items that once belonged to their loved ones. I’ve seen the physical scars from having a mastectomy, and I have witnessed a sea of tears from women who were losing their hair while trying on wigs. I’ve put together more gift bags for terminal patients than I ever want to remember. Even more heartbreaking, cancer has cut a deep wound in my own family, both immediate and extended. I cannot put into words the fear in my heart for those still battling this terrible disease, and the joy that overcomes me for those that have been in recovery for several years.

I never want to hear the words “you have cancer,” and I never want to hear my children hear those words. I wish I could turn back the tides and erase it from the history of those whose lives have already been affected, but I can’t. What I can do and what you can help me do is finish this fight, once and for all, against cancer. We are all in this. It affects every family, every fiber of our being. I want better for our generation, for the next generation, and those that follow. Please help me finish the fight by making a donation today here. Thank you.  

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