There Is Always Someone To Pray For

I don’t understand how so many people can “like” depressing and suicidal thoughts that they see posted on social media sites. I do not like to see others struggling. I do not like to see others in pain. With “likes” we may try to communicate understanding, but it does not provide healing. Jesus is the ultimate healer. He can soften hearts, renew strength, repair relationships, and so much more. I know suffering. I know abandonment and I know loss. But now I also know Jesus, and the peace that comes with accepting His love for me. I’d like to see a “praying for you” button as an alternate option to “liking” the difficulties we witness in each other’s lives. Instead of hitting the “like” button, please stop to pray when you see someone else struggling. It only takes a minute but it changes lives.

God’s Active Role in My Life


Hi my name is Gina Snyder and I am 30 years old. Just as Jesus carried a cross for all our sins to redeem salvation for us, I have endured many crosses throughout my life. God only gives us only what we can handle. When I was in the fourth grade, I had a seizure and later found out that it was due to scoliosis (a curvature in the spine). I was made fun of and called the hunchback of Midlothian as well as other names. When I was in Junior High, I wrote a note to a guy I liked and I wanted to know if he like me in return. However, it wound up in the wrong hands and that person read it out loud to everyone in the classroom. I was so embarrassed. That night, I cried myself to sleep. in fact, every night I was made…

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