In The Beginning, There Was Just Praise…


I did not set out to lead others to Christ or to minister to others. Most people may not realize this. I had only been a Christian for two or three months when my first Christian video was put on YouTube last year. I was no authority on the Christian faith and was still learning what it meant to have faith in God. The video started as a simple project my future husband came up with. I had been fooling around with Garageband, recording myself singing different songs I had grown fond of. I couldn’t help it; Nick had just awakened my dormant love of singing when I met him. Then, I recorded myself singing my first Christian song and everything changed.

I had taken the K-Love challenge, and loved the music. The songs had such meaning, and all were trying to get my attention. The one song that held it the longest in the beginning was “Not For A Moment” by Meredith Andrews. I will never forget the first time I heard that song. Nick had it on his iPhone, and allowed me to play it over and over again in the car one day. I was lost in a dream world, a heaven all my own where I could connect with the One I was falling in love with. I went home and recorded myself singing it acapella. I guess Nick loved it because he later came to me with an idea to use it in a video. Now, you have to understand that I am shy; I don’t like being on camera or being the center of attention so this idea terrified me. But Nick was smart – he suggested that we use my photography instead of video, and just add my vocals. In a few days, the video was released on YouTube and shared among our friends and family. It may not have gotten many hits but they were asking when the next one was coming out. Nick and I looked at each other, confused. Without realizing what we were getting into, KNG Music had been born.

The good Lord has put both my husband and I through trials in the last year to teach us and to test us. We got married, then endured the death of my mother, and now I’m losing my job. I have complete faith that God will take care of us. As we have been going through our trials, my husband and I have been given the opportunity to talk to others who are struggling. It is a humbling thing to have a stranger’s heart placed in your hands, into your trust because of your faith. I am looked to as a role model, and the word ministry keeps getting tossed around. The same thing has been happening to Nick. I didn’t know when we started this that we would be called on to lead others. I didn’t know that we would be called on to encourage and mentor others. People seek us for prayer and guidance, and I’m still learning how to serve them as God intended. 

I continue to pray for guidance and strength to assist others, to use the right words, and to guide them back to Jesus. My ministry, as it’s being called, still needs a lot of work and support but I know that in time I will get to where God wants to take me. I’m grateful too… I get to take my husband along on the journey. 🙂