You Don’t Have To Be Lost


We always think we know where we are going in life. We plan ahead and think, “I’ll take this turn then that one…” We rarely get it right on our own and can become so lost that we feel helpless and all alone. Going through life without God, without trusting God, is like tackling a labyrinth on your own. It takes courage to have faith, to relinquish our power and thinking that we know what we are doing. It’s okay to admit that we haven’t a clue! God is always there for us, but it takes faith to let Him lead. Don’t be afraid to close your eyes and let Him lead you out of your current situation. Not only will He save you, He will introduce you to the most beautiful life you ever dreamed of for yourself when you get out of the maze. Trust in the One that made you to guide you to a new life. He truly does love you that much. 

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