Loving On Animals

CuteAnimals28It is amazing to me to watch an otherwise wild or skittish animal relax over time when I show them affection. Perhaps God called on us to love on animals and not just rule over them. Can you imagine Noah trying to get all of those animals on the ark without first having a relationship with them? Why would they pay any attention to a man unless he had paid attention to them? I don’t think it was just the power of God but the power of love. Animals deserve love too, and they love being loved by us. It’s not just dogs and cats and bunnies. I do think that most animals can be domesticated, and by that I mean willing to let down their guard and allow us to have a relationship with them, to love on them the way God intended. They don’t just want food from us. Animals need time to play and time to love, time to eat and time to rest. We are all God’s creation and that’s a beautiful thing.


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4 thoughts on “Loving On Animals

  1. The one thing I would love to see is the rabbits on the full harvest moon. They are supposed to jump and play in numerous joy. I feel closer to animals than I do to people. I say nature is Gods church and I love going to that church

    1. Haha. That would be an awesome sight! I honestly used to say that I felt closer to animals than people too but the more I’ve gotten closer to Christ, the more I’ve forgiven people for failing me. I think it’s easy to feel closer to animals because their expectations from us are simple compared to those of man. Evaluate your heart to see if you are truly giving people a chance. We are called to serve Jesus by saving people. It took me some time to realize that although I love animals, I am not here to save them like I thought, and that has changed my approach wholeheartedly.

      Animals are actually more self-sufficient than I thought. I realized that one day walking by a bunch of stray cats. I had always wanted to open a kitty shelter but these homeless cats I walked by every day were content where they were. Yes, we should still love on them but we are not meant to put them higher than people in the hierarchy. Whereas before I would get in arguments with others who defended homeless people because I thought animals were the helpless ones, I now realize that I was wrong and that people are. We need community, we need help from other people, and we need Jesus. I will always defend the fair treatment of animals and encourage relationships with them but God called on us to bring hearts to Jesus. I’m making time to love both man and animal for God, and I hope you will too.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I’m an animal lover, too, and have been since I was three and old enough to feed the calves on my family’s farm. There’s something about an animal’s unconditional love and acceptance that warms my heart and reminds me of Jesus.

    Now if only my cat would let me sleep instead of jumping on me in the middle of the night. 🙂

    1. LOL. My old cat used to attack my feet when I was laying down, trying to sleep. If I moved them the slightest bit, boom! She’d pounce. God bless the animals in our lives that bring us joy.

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