Laying Down Your Life


When you first get saved, the furthest thing from your mind is serving God. It just doesn’t occur to you because you are so wrapped up in His love. But over time, this love causes you to evaluate your life and the choices you have been making. You start to wonder if you should do things differently, and work harder so that you can keep your newfound relationship. One by one, you let go of those things that are holding you back from having a truly loving relationship. You learn the art of surrender, the pain of loss, and the wonder of faith all at the same time. Whereas before you went to church because you felt like it was your responsibility, now you go because you can’t wait to be with Him. He is your everything and you will do anything for Him. And so, you start to lay your life down. Just as you sacrifice for the lives of your children, you lose your life to love Him, to honor Him, to glorify Him…. and by this point you honestly don’t even feel like you are missing anything.

There are no more sleepless nights stressing over how you are going to pay the bills or feeling so depressed that you don’t want to get out of bed. You know that God is doing the worrying for you. You feel joy and privileged to serve Him, to do little things for Him that make Him happy like talking to the atheist about your faith, sharing your testimony with your friend at work, and even buying lunch for the homeless guy on the corner. Personally, you would never run into a burning building willingly but if God asked you to, then you would be obedient because you know He would never ask you to do something that wasn’t important. He continuously challenges you and it allows you to test and strengthen your faith, giving more of yourself to Him. Prayer isn’t just some bedtime routine but another way to surrender your life to Him, to let Jesus work in your life because only He truly knows the plans He has for you. There may be a lot of waiting on His plan until it is revealed but your days are spent loving others so you don’t really feel like your wasting your time.

Life is beautiful with Jesus as your Savior. I pray that everyone has the opportunity to feel His love and serve Him in their short time here on earth. I pray that hearts are changed and willing to remember the sacrifice Jesus made for all of us.


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5 thoughts on “Laying Down Your Life

  1. I appreciate your candor with God and those of us in the Ethernet:)
    Glad He is holding you closely…and that you are listening.
    Thanks for following my blog, too.
    I’m loving the new single, Praying For You. Will be downloading from iTunes tomorrow!
    God bless.

    1. Awww thank you Dr. Deering for checking out my blog and supporting my music. This whole process has been about letting Him lead me and not the other way around. My hope is that it calls people to evaluate their relationship with Christ. God bless you. I look forward to reading your posts.

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