Waiting on the Lord

There are several things in life that are serious enough to make you anxious for answers. These could be waiting for test results when cancer is suspected, waiting for that job offer, etc. Then there are little things that stress us out because we just need to know. I definitely have my struggles as we all do about being patient enough for the Lord to step in and tell us the big news in His perfect timing. Sometimes, we just want to take matters into our own hands, thinking that we can speed things up a bit or open a door on our own. The problem is that you can’t open a door that God doesn’t want opened.

Looking at the closed door, you don’t know if it is a matter of timing 
or if it will ever be opened according to God’s will. 

So what do you do? You can sit there and stare at the door, praying that it will open. Or you can look at the door one last time, and walk away leaving it in God’s hands. Everyone knows that watching a pot and waiting for it to boil will never result in it boiling faster. If anything, doesn’t it seem like the opposite happens? Sometimes, it seems like it takes even longer for things to turn out the way we want. It reminds me of the Navy way of life, “hurry up and wait.” Either way, you realize that sometimes it is just too painful and torturous to sit and watch a closed door. We give up and walk away. Sometimes, we even stop praying for that one desired outcome.

We don’t have to walk away defeated. 
We don’t have to walk away feeling like it’s over. 

Waiting on the Lord is not easy, and having faith may not seem easy either, but walking away feeling defeated could mean that we were putting too much emphasis on what we wanted instead of what God wants for us. Yes, we have a right to be disappointed, but at the same time we have to remember to surrender to what He wants for our lives. We have to trust that His plan is perfect, that He knows what will give us the greatest joy. Maybe the door will open some day, maybe it won’t, but we are to praise Him regardless. We are to have faith regardless because God knows what is best for us, even when we don’t.

Sometimes a closed door can be a beautiful gift in disguise. 
Sometimes a closed door signifies another door opening. 


For more information about Kristeen Nicole Gillooly, her music, and her ministry, please visit http://www.kngmusicministry.com. You can also visit her artist website at http://www.kristeennicolegillooly.com. 


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