Is Your Faith Upside Down?

Some things in life are easy to let go of compared to others. Sometimes, it seems too easy to put something in God’s hands. The problem is you never really know by looking at a problem how easy it will be to give up. Looking back at my mom’s passing, I would have thought that it would have been impossible to turn over. I surprised myself with the ease I put it in His hands. Similar thing with my job search and the fact that I am unemployed. From the time that I knew my job was at risk, through the process of finding out I was being laid off, and up until now while I’m stilling seeking employment, my faith has been surprisingly steadfast.

Then why is it that the smallest things sometimes take the greatest faith? 

It’s strange how the littlest things can seem insurmountable. Have you ever felt like your faith is upside down? Remember after the housing market crashed and so many people suddenly were upside down on their cars and homes? Maybe it would look something like this…


In every moment, in every challenge, no matter how small or how big, we have to remember to give everything to God. But it can be so hard, can’t it? How do we let go of our feelings and dreams in the moment of our biggest (and sometimes our smallest) meltdowns? The hardest thing sometimes is just remembering the most obvious…

In your darkest moments, God is holding your hand. 

When you are determined to handle things yourself, God wants to do it for you. 

We are only human, and He knows this. He doesn’t fault us for forgetting but He feels privileged like a willing father to come to our aid at our most desperate times, when we are most vulnerable. Only His love and patience can truly save us from ourselves. When I first got saved, I even wrote a song about it. He was the ONLY ONE that could save me from myself, and still is. I’ll go ahead and share the acapella version of the song (Only You) with you so you can listen. When I am at my lowest, I sometimes find myself singing it to myself as a reminder. It’s amazing how God gives me a beautiful gift to encourage others but in doing so, also knows how much I need it sometimes myself.


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