The Island of Compassion

Sometimes, I feel like I’m on an island and sometimes others can make me feel like I’m on one. Being an emotional person shouldn’t automatically put a person by themselves but oftentimes it does. I never thought that being compassionate would land me there too.

While I love my mother dearly, I rarely felt compassion from her. Same with my Dad and siblings. I’ve never dated someone that had the gift (including my husband). Is the world too consumed by other things? For my husband, he’s just more analytical. I don’t know what to make of others because while I understand we all have special gifts, sometimes mine feels more like a curse.

Being human, we have certain expectations. Yes, I know we shouldn’t but it’s natural. We want people to treat us the same say we treat them. So if I’m compassionate toward others, I expect that others will be compassionate toward me but more often than not, that just doesn’t happen in my circle. Am I alone?

Crying? You’re told to stop crying. Scared? You’re told to stop being scared. No matter how you’re feeling, you feel like you can’t get a break. You feel like no one understands you, and no one wants to. You feel like you have no support and you are always left alone to deal with this big, ugly and scary world. So what can you do?

Turn to Jesus. He was very compassionate and people didn’t understand Him either. He spent His days reaching out to those less fortunate, those that needed help. He was never hesitant to reach out the hand of compassion to help another. It’s the ultimate form of being a servant to God because it is the outward appearance of a selfless act of love.

We can also teach others how to be compassionate through our service. Just like Jesus received nothing in return from those He served, we have to remember that it can be a thankless job here on earth. Still, God sees your heart, He sees your struggles. He calls on us to use our gifts and those with the gift of compassion can’t seem to help using theirs. It can feel like a lonely island but we are never truly alone when we have Jesus in our life. Focus on Him in your time of need because man will fail you. Your spouse will fail you, your parents will fail you, your friends… everyone except Jesus.


3 thoughts on “The Island of Compassion

  1. Thank you for sharing this today, I needed to see that I was not the only one feeling like this. I’ve needed reminders that no matter what others responses might be, no one understands like Christ.

    1. You’re welcome. I struggled with it today and it’s hard to remember but He always reminds me to surrender to Him. Putting Him before my husband is a challenge when emotionally I’m spent and just want to crawl in his arms. I wish I could crawl into Jesus’s arms like that for comfort but He is always there. Thankfully, He is always there to remind us to lean on Him.

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