This is absolutely amazing! I have been hash tagging #QuietTheNoise myself today and you really need to hear how Pastor Dan breaks down popular songs on the radio today. He is doing amazing things with these teenagers!

KNG Music

What a great idea, but what exactly does it mean?  I have started hash tagging it along with my Youth Pastor Dan and his youth group.  Pastor Dan came across very strong in his sermon and very serious about the music today.  He talked about how the meaning of the music is hidden in mainstream music today.  What we find ourselves listening to sounds great, but the actual meaning hidden within the song contradicts what a Christian should be listening too.  His challenge to his youth group Relentless Youth and anyone else that is up for it is to turn down the mainstream music and turn up the music that glorifies God.  Pastor Dan said, “worship is more than a song, it is a lifestyle.”  Everything we do day in and day out can be an act of worship.  We have to look daily at what items are causing us…

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