I am the Parent and the 3-Year-Old

Do you ever just feel like your life is out of control? You think that you have all of the answers, and with this nonsense, try charging fast right into a brick wall? You don’t even realize that you’re about to do it because you’re so stuck on your perception of the world and how things work. Before you know it, the only thing left between you and that brick wall is God. In the beginning He whispers to you, “Don’t do it.” And as you continue on your course, the voice gets louder and louder until He’s screaming at you to stop. At what point do you start listening? Maybe you hear Him the whole time and pretend that you don’t, thinking, “I got this, I don’t need you. I can do whatever I want, and you’re not going to stop me.” Ladies and Gentleman, I am the 3-year-old.

Do you ever feel at your wits end? You’ve done everything in your power to get your toddler to stop running so fast in the wrong direction. How do you get them to listen to you? As you stand there, pleading with them to stop, you realize that free will has intervened and there is nothing you can do to stop them short of reaching out and removing them from the situation. Should you exercise that option? How close to danger should you let them get before you just can’t watch anymore? Ladies and Gentleman, I am the Parent.

We all have taken on these roles. More often than not, we operate from both at the same time. As the 3-year-old, we choose to ignore the call to servitude. We pretend not to hear God when He calls on us or we quickly dismiss His request as stupid, unnecessary, or even downright crazy. As the parent, we realize that we don’t have as much power as we would like to over the lives of our children. We learn that their love for us does not equate to obedience. We experience heartache, frustration, and sometimes even a loss of confidence in our abilities.

Why can’t we see what we are doing? Why can’t the right hand learn from the left? Lord, I ask that you teach me. Lord, I seek resilient faith so that I can always trust you with my life. I need to train my ears to pick up on what you are saying, and the strength to follow blindly until I understand your plan. Jesus, I need you to teach me how to be a better parent. I want to learn from you and understand how you remain patient when your children disobey. I want to know the secret to keep your heart from breaking when they turn their back on you. And lastly Lord, please allow me to connect the dots between the struggle of a child and their parent, between independence and patience, love and obedience. Lord, I ask these things not for myself but so that I can raise up leaders for your Kingdom, so that I can release my independence and die to your will for my life. I know that I cannot do this alone, and so I humbly seek your loving grace and guidance. I pray for myself, my family, and others around the world that are in the middle of this struggle. You are our Savior, our hope, our teacher. Let us be closer to you today.


2 thoughts on “I am the Parent and the 3-Year-Old

  1. This is amazing! I too can be the 3 year old going my own way and doing my own thing. However, God always brings me back to where I need to be.

  2. This is amazing! I too can be the 3 yr old doing my own thing charging full spead ahead. However, God always brings me back to where I need to be.

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