Feeling Overwhelmed Right Now

Can I be real for a moment? I’m feeling a little overwhelmed right now. Actually, I’m feeling really overwhelmed and incredibly humbled. I’m not really a stats person but there is probably only like a 0.03 percent chance that I’ve met the person reading this. How is that possible?? How did a girl like me who didn’t even want to know Jesus three years ago wind up where I am? I really don’t know. It’s not fathomable. It doesn’t make sense. My husband will tell me “you have this many followers” or “your video has been watched this many times” and my response is always the same – I don’t know that many people. I really don’t. Jesus does but I don’t. 

I’m not worthy of praise. I’m not perfect like He is. I’ve made choices and mistakes He never would. If you are moved by my music or from reading my blogs, please take the time to thank Jesus, not me. Thank Him for your relationship, and for listening to you. Thank Him for putting people in the world to encourage you and remind you of His love. We are all in this together. I have been inspired and uplifted by you and your testimonies just as much as I have been able to do it for you. But it’s all by the grace of God and HALLELUJAH for that! God bless you friends. And remember, don’t follow me – follow Jesus. 


He’s Still There Even When You Don’t Claim It

Three years ago today, I was accepted to Drexel University. And if I had gone, I never would have met my husband. I wouldn’t have these beautiful children in my life. I wouldn’t have been saved by grace or going to church. I wouldn’t be living my life for God. 

Just because a door opens in your life, it doesn’t mean it’s the right one. I would have paid way too much in tuition to go to Drexel and I would probably still be trying to figure out what to do with a psychology degree. Back then, I never prayed for a thing but I thank God that He was still looking out for me. That He was looking out for my needs even though I wasn’t looking out for Him. 

You may or not be a Christian, but Jesus is still looking out for you. He still loves you and is working in your life even when you don’t claim it. I know because He did it for me and if He can do it for me, He can do it for everyone. God bless you my friends. 

I Will No Longer Apologize

I will no longer apologize for being too sensitive or too emotional. I will no longer apologize for being moved by empathy, pain, or vulnerability. God gave me a heart to feel, and with this heart I am able to touch the hearts of others. That is only possible because I’m not afraid to meet them where they are, whether in the dirt or in the dumps. 

We cannot be compassionate toward others if we ignore our own feelings. We cannot build the kingdom of God if we do not allow ourselves to be vulnerable first. The world tells you to shut up, wise up, shape up, and toughen up. It expects you to pretend you feel something you don’t, and doing that just makes you a zombie the Devil can use for his own purposes. 
For prayer to be effective, we cannot hide who we are. Honor God and those you serve by being the beautiful person He made you. Scars and all. 

How to Pray For Your Children

Normally, I intro my way into one of my posts. Today’s message is going to be much bolder than that. No holding back, cut to the chase…

Pray passionately and IN FRONT of your children. Let them see you weep and cry out to the Lord. We are teaching our children how to live as Christ-filled and Christ-led with every one of our actions, but how can we do that when we shield them from our struggles? When we hold everything in, trying not to cry, because we don’t want to stress them out? Your kids already know that you are stressed, and yes, that does stress them out. BUT keeping that stress to yourself instead of releasing it to the Lord does nothing to relieve the stress. If anything, it can make things worse.

Unresolved, stress will eat away at your family.

Unresolved, stress will open the door for the devil to walk in your lives. 

In order to protect your family, you have to fall to your knees with your family. Give your kids an opportunity to pray first, asking them what they want to say to Jesus. I started this with my step kids at the age of three. Sometimes, William has something he wants to say and sometimes not. Either way, it gives him an opportunity to speak from his heart and deal with his own fears, handing them over to Jesus.

It’s never too early for a child to call out to Jesus for love, comfort, and protection. 

When your kids have had their turn, pour out your own heart. Pray out loud and don’t hold back. Let the words flow out of you, unobstructed. You may not know it, but praying brings comfort to your kids. Just as Jesus brings comfort to us, showing our heart and love for Jesus in prayer comforts our kids. I can’t tell you how many times my kids have fallen asleep while I’m praying over them. It is an amazing and beautiful thing to watch, and the revelations that can come out of these prayer sessions can literally leave you weeping with joy in the end.

I am praying for the person reading this message. I am praying for your children, and for your children’s children. Psalm 78:5-7 tells us that “He decreed statutes for Jacob and established the law in Israel, which he commanded our ancestors to teach their children, so the next generation would know them, even the children yet to be born, and they in turn would tell their children. Then they would put their trust in God and would not forget his deeds but would keep his commands.”

It’s never too late to start praying for your children, or too early to start praying for their children. 

There Are Those That Need To Know You…


There are those that need to know you, that reject you at every opportunity. They fail to give you the recognition that you deserve for giving them life. They rely on their own ways and fail repeatedly to make improvements in their life. I watch them falter, fall over, and push you away time and time again, and my heart just wells with pain. I pray for them silently because they cringe at your name. They reject me when I try to offer your love as solace, as a way to find healing in their lives. Lord, I pray that you will be with them when I cannot. That you never turn away their cries for help, even when they cry out someone else’s name before they call on you. They do not know you and are scared to love you. I love them, and pray that they do not pass from this world before giving you a chance. I pray that they run to you before time runs out, and that you show them without a doubt that you never left their side. That you were there at every step, every failed opportunity. That your hearts were entwined when they denied you because you loved them anyway. Thank you Lord for loving the lost, for never giving up on the sheep that think they know the way better than you. Oh, how I love you Lord Jesus for giving up your life for every one of us, even when we don’t deserve it. For the hearts filled with shame, guilt, depression, and hateā€¦ God loves you and He will never stop seeking your unconditional love to turn away from the things of this world. He will never stop looking for you to turn to Him.

A Passover Prayer

You give flight to the birds, beauty to the roses, and purpose to the skies. You color sunsets, compose symphonies, and orchestrate life. And after everything, You still find time for me. You make time to love me, direct me, counsel me, and encourage me. I have nothing without You. Every breath that I take was hand-crafted by You. I am humbled by your presence in my life, the sacrifices You have made for me. I am not worthy of such attention but You have faith in me. I pray that I don’t let you down, that when I’m kneeling before you in Heaven, I will hear You say, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” Let not this day pass without reflecting on the gift of life you have to me. Every tear You shed was not for your pain alone but for the sins of man. No, let us not forget, never forget you gave up Your life for me.