There Are Those That Need To Know You…


There are those that need to know you, that reject you at every opportunity. They fail to give you the recognition that you deserve for giving them life. They rely on their own ways and fail repeatedly to make improvements in their life. I watch them falter, fall over, and push you away time and time again, and my heart just wells with pain. I pray for them silently because they cringe at your name. They reject me when I try to offer your love as solace, as a way to find healing in their lives. Lord, I pray that you will be with them when I cannot. That you never turn away their cries for help, even when they cry out someone else’s name before they call on you. They do not know you and are scared to love you. I love them, and pray that they do not pass from this world before giving you a chance. I pray that they run to you before time runs out, and that you show them without a doubt that you never left their side. That you were there at every step, every failed opportunity. That your hearts were entwined when they denied you because you loved them anyway. Thank you Lord for loving the lost, for never giving up on the sheep that think they know the way better than you. Oh, how I love you Lord Jesus for giving up your life for every one of us, even when we don’t deserve it. For the hearts filled with shame, guilt, depression, and hate… God loves you and He will never stop seeking your unconditional love to turn away from the things of this world. He will never stop looking for you to turn to Him.


6 thoughts on “There Are Those That Need To Know You…

  1. How beautiful for you to cry out for the lost. I am praying with you in the hopes that they will have boundless opportunities to come to know Him. Thank you for this heartfelt reminder. ♥

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