To My Wife, A Step-Mom

A beautiful message from a husband to his wife about being a stepmom…

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You come to his aid anytime that he calls;

You are there to catch him when he falls.

You calm his fears anytime he’s afraid;

You will be the first to show him how to do a French braid.

You tell him what is right from wrong;

You show him which vegetables will keep him strong.

You try to teach him how to count sheep;

You sing him a song at night to help him fall asleep.

You put Band-Aids on his owies when he cries;

You are the one that always look him in the eyes.

You stand up to the monsters in the closet when darkness falls;

You mark the line to show him how tall.

You pick out his clothes each morning with great care;

You cook breakfast and lead him in prayer.

You ask him how his day was even though you get a blank stare;


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