Why I Don’t Do Altar Call


My husband talked about altar calls recently on his show, Faith Matters. It has really gotten a lot of people thinking and evaluating why they don’t answer the call. Tonight, I started thinking about my own reasons.

I’m scared of going alone. I’m scared of putting myself out there in front of all of these people that I know and don’t know. I’m not afraid of meeting Jesus. Honestly, I think I’m more scared of looking like a fool. Looking like I don’t belong in this world. Looking like I don’t know what I’m doing.

The root of my fear is acceptance, not the acceptance of Jesus but of man. Oh, shy person that I am, why do I run in the other direction when faced with the opportunity to shine? Why do I hide behind my fears instead of running to Jesus with everything that I have?

I talk about Him all the time. I talk TO Him all the time, but faced with the decision to stand on the block with Jesus in front of everyone, or stay seated, I stay comfortable in my fear. Why do I do this? Why have I still not mustered the courage to stand before man openly and choose Jesus? Why can I only seem to muster the courage when I’m behind a computer screen?

I do not have a scarlet letter for all to see but standing up for Jesus in front of the masses feels like one. Where does the embarrassment come from, and what will it take to overcome my shyness and fear?

Stand before the masses. Go before my fears. Stand with Him. Stand beside Him. Stand in front of fear. Maybe that is the secret to alleviating my shyness when I’m on stage performing. If I won’t stand with Him before my congregation, why should He stand with me when I need Him?

8 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Do Altar Call

  1. It is or can be daunting to stand before a group at times. I have done so, and each time I pray to God to be with me, guide me, help me, and console me as I lead the people in my endeavors at the time.

    Each time it gets better, with God’s help!!!!!!
    Den Betts

  2. I think the answer lies here: “Looking like I don’t belong in this world.”

    Remember James 4:4 – “… know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.”

    I pray the Holy Spirit draws you and gives you what you need to answer that call.

  3. Don’t know if this will help. When I got saved I was at a Billy Graham movie (Time To Run). I wanted to be saved but was afraid to go forward. I told God I was scared and that I would need a push to get me out of my seat. I didn’t look behind me, but I felt a gently nudge on the back of my right shoulder. I went forward and have never been sorry. Sometimes I still struggle with going to the altar to pray. Then the Holy Spirit reminds me that my move to the altar may be just the impetus someone else needs to have the courage to go. God bless.

  4. God is asking you to step out and be different. He has spoken to your heart in order that he might pour into you. This is a great honor to be obedient at theses sometimes uncomfortable moments. You are the second blog I have read tonight where folks have a calling on their hearts to respond to God only to ignore it out of what others might think. To some folks they see this as a failure for you both. To me I say praise God that he is calling his people to a deeper relationship with him. So we will rejoice instead of being ashamed or have lack. The first step in breaking through this timidness is being willing to admit it and see it. I pray the Lord to give you a discerning spirit and one of love and great boldness and courage in him. Dare to be different and let your lamp shine as God chose you to be different. Have ears to hear and a heart for God. Amen.

    Your honesty is so refreshing.

    Much love Tom

  5. I have yet to find “Altar Calls” in the scriptures.

    From my experiences in the ministry they serve to honor the preacher and not God. And they are also used as a means of “Showmanship”. Like, “Hey, look at me…I am right with God.” Trust me, if you are right with God, I will know it long before you bury your face in the carpet.

    I was in a church where every camp meeting a young man would make his annual pilgrimage to the altar. People would “Oo and ah,” and his wife who attended every service would cry. And then we would not see him again until next year’s camp meeting. Showmanship!

    And teens use the altar call to fool their parents. Kneel, shed a few tears and hug mom. And you think that every thing is OK now?

    Altar calls are merely a product of denominational traditions and cannot be found in the scriptures.

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