Response to Charleston Shooting

  I was talking to an older woman at the bus stop today, and the subject of Charleston came up. In regards to the thought of being scared to go to church, she said, “I would rather die in church than in a club shaking my butt. I overcame that.” Her faith is unshakeable. She said, “while the Pastor is praying, we’re supposed to be praying so that the Devil doesn’t come into the church. The Devil doesn’t want us to worship God. He wants us to continue in sin.” Amen! Amen! 

The subject of race keeps coming up in regards to the Charleston shooting, and while it may be a factor, I am thankful to hear that this woman, an African-American, is not afraid to walk back in church and praise God openly. She is not afraid to give everything to Him. She expressed no anger in relation to politics or race, but simply blamed sin. God bless her for her insight, her faith, and her prayers for our country. 

#CharlestonShooting #PrayForCharleston


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