Teach Love, Not Just Nice

I once did a survey comparing the belief in God to the belief in Santa Claus. That is how much of an atheist I was. I was expecting to draw parallels but surprisingly there weren’t many. 
Now, years later, I understand why the belief systems between the two are so different. Even better, now I am solid in my belief that God is a better and more loving figure to teach kids than Santa Claus. Santa’s love is conditional while God’s is not. 

Remember to teach your kids the difference, and let God’s love be the example instead of naughty and nice.


4 thoughts on “Teach Love, Not Just Nice

  1. Forget Satan (Santa) Claus.

    He sees you when you are sleeping? (Claim to possessing powers like the Most High)
    Always smells like a fireplace? (Smoke, fire and ash.)
    Rewards with things for good behavior. (Teaches a “works” salvation)
    Dresses in red? (The color of hell)

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