The Long Road Ahead


Sometimes, God reveals a plan to you so big that you don’t know how to comprehend it. You know it’s real. You know it’s true. And yet, you fumble. You fumble with the magnitude. You fumble with understanding.

The end result is everything you have ever wanted. The end result has been your silent prayer to God for a long time, but it won’t be without a cost.  You don’t know when, but you know that something bad has to happen for the plan to be carried out. You know that that something bad means someone has to die, and so there are more tears than moments of joy. How do you proceed? How do you do anything but cry out to Jesus for strength, for prayers for everyone involved?

Lord, hear my prayer.


9 thoughts on “The Long Road Ahead

  1. Don’t know what God has revealed to you, but will be praying that our Lord will continue to strengthen and sustain you, and fill you with His comfort through the trial to come.

  2. i am not sure how to encourage you only that ABa knows your heart and journey intimately and will Uphold you in Embrace Of Eternal Unrestrained Genuine Support, LOVE, Mercy. i was listening to Brene Brown talking about Vulnerability, her term for Authenticity, she talked about living in disappointment that i could identify with because every time that something great is about to happen or is happening, i would imagine the worst, in fear. when i heard her point that out, i realized the falsehood, deception i had bought into, to protect myself from feeling disappointed, by gravitating to disappointment. i know that ABa Desires the BEST and Finest for you without exception. praying for Comfort Of Assurance to Embrace you Complete.

  3. Songs that have gotten me through my toughest times: Praise the Lord sung by The Imperials; More Than Conquerors sung by The Nelons in the 70;s or 80’s; The Battle Belongs to the Lord sung by Petra on one of their Praise albums, and my favorite hymn: It Is Well With My Soul. God bless. Still praying.

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