What Will Be


I cannot speak of the things God has been revealing in my life. It’s overwhelming. All around me, He has been working behind the scenes. I didn’t know. I truly had no idea.

First, it was my husband’s vision (if you don’t know the story, I invite you to listen to the sound clip at the end). His vision set us on a course we didn’t understand. We didn’t even know the outcome or what God really wanted from us but it was already in motion. And the strange thing is that every one of my dreams, everything I have prayed for since I’ve known my husband, lines up with this vision.

There have been other visions too, visions by others that are now part of the story. Their visions aren’t pretty but they are powerful and reveal God’s truth. They reveal a plan we never could have dreamed, especially considering these visions took place before any of us met.

Lives are intersecting. Love is reaching past our own comprehension and building bridges. We are no longer strangers but family under the same God. We are one.

The time has come when we can no longer stand. We are not proud. We are not self-reliant. This life doesn’t exist for us alone. Our time is not ours. Our love is not meant for safe-keeping. And so we kneel before others that need us. We bow to the will of God, knowing that all things work out in His glory… in His perfect timing.

3 thoughts on “What Will Be

  1. Oh, Christine, I’d love to hear the rest of this testimony about what God is doing. I can hear the awe that you have for our Lord Jesus. I listened to the video clip. God is definitely doing something in your life that has to do with ministering to children, isn’t He? God bless. There’s no joy like that of serving the Lord.

    1. As the story continues to unfold, there will be more to share. But yes, I would say it definitely involves ministering to children, although it’s ultimately about ministering to the forgotten… those living in the shadows amongst us. Also, you should know that when Nick had his vision, neither of us thought that children were involved.

  2. i am not able to listen to the soundtrack but may resonate with you in Voice Calling each of us Home, in Service, Humble Service, for our Benefit. Thank you for sharing your heart’s Journey in Truth. Praying for ABa’s Will Of LIFE Always AMeN 🙂

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