Betrayed by False Love

Several people I know, including myself, have been betrayed by a false prophet. Someone claiming to be sick that also posed as at least 5-6 different people over the last year through social media. This is someone we have prayed for countless times and I have talked about her on this page.

The bible says “beware of false prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep but are really vicious wolves.” Matthew 7:15

I cannot begin to tell you the anger and hurt that I feel right now. I cannot begin to tell you the impact this has had on my family because I defended her when others started to doubt. This person spoke of the bible often, and reached out to me hundreds of times just to love on me, and lift me up with praise. Why would a person do such a thing??

Everyone keeps saying that we need to pray for her, but how do you pray for a person you have prayed for hundreds of times only to find out it was all for a lie? How do you muster the strength to be sincere in caring for someone else that hurt you so badly when you feel like you have nothing left to give? When all you know in your heart is betrayal, anger, and sadness?

I am holding onto Jesus a little tighter today. I am grasping for truth and understanding in this situation, and my only prayer right now is very simple:

Jesus, be with me.

One thought on “Betrayed by False Love

  1. You can remind yourself that she is a child of God, no matter what you think of her. Then you simply put her in God’s hands. Ask HIm to help in in any way He can for her eternal life. Then you leave it at that and move on. Best wishes for happier days.

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