Thank You Jesus


God bless everyone that has supported me in the last few years as I continue this journey. There has been so much love, so many warm and kind words. It is truly humbling, and I don’t deserve the praise because it is by God’s grace and talent that I am able to share my music with you. It is by His grace that I am able to share my testimonies with you about how He is working in my life, and in my family.

I know for a fact that I have not done anything on my own in this process. I have neither the talent nor the resources to be able to do as others have done in the industry. Everything I have accomplished has been by His hand alone. From writing music to putting together this album…

You may not realize it but God wrote the instrumentation for my songs. I wouldn’t know how to do it on my own. There was no one else to help me and so my only option was to listen to God’s guidance, to His voice about how the songs should sound. You may not realize it but God even did the album design. I didn’t have the funds to send it to someone else so I sat and listened to His guidance on what it should look like.

Truly, only one person actually helped me with the album and that was the sound engineer that did the mixing and mastering. The album was recorded at home, and with that came many attempts by the devil to foil the whole thing. Time and time again, God saved the day.

If you take the time to listen to my music today or any other day, my only request is that you give praise where it is due. I am nothing without our Lord Jesus Christ, and neither are you.


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