I met a woman the other night that was not ashamed to tell everyone in my class that she was emotional or to display that emotion. The conversation material was difficult at times and emotion welled up in her. She got choked up, and would exclaim again how she was going to cry. She looked strong to me, like she had it to together. And she did. Her strength came from knowing who she is. Unashamed. Tears or no tears. Fears or no fears. Unashamed.

I looked up to her. I wanted to run up to her, hug her and say thank you. I wanted to say thank you for displaying such courage, for showing me that it is okay to be emotional. Even in public. To just be who she is with no need to apologize.

Maybe she’s like me. I don’t know how to separate emotion from my life. It’s part of who I am. It’s how God made me.

I have many questions for this woman that taught me so much. I wonder where she gets her strength. I wonder if she knows Christ. I see Him working in her life. I see the same compassion I have in her.

Lord, please give me the strength to accept and safely express the sensitivity you have blessed me with. I pray for others to understand why you made me this way, and how it can be useful in my relationship with them too. I want to love with abandon, to cry for your people, and to help make this world a better place.  Thank you Lord for equipping me.

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