It’s Time


You know, God is pretty amazing. Like, more amazing than you could ever possibly imagine. I spent 35 years with my back to Him because I didn’t think He cared about me but I had it SO WRONG. If you don’t know Jesus, I encourage you to at least read His word and pray for the truth. Maybe you are like I was, thinking you didn’t need Him and that He didn’t need you. I don’t want to go through life missing opportunities to tell people the truth because for so long I believed a lie. I believed the lie that the devil wants me to believe – that I’m not good enough, that I’ll never be loved, that I’ll never amount to anything. Let me tell you something… The devil is a liar, and if you are holding to these ideas about yourself, then you need Jesus a lot more than you think. The devil seeks to keep you captive; Jesus wants to set you free. The devil wants to keep you in depression while Jesus reaches for your hand. There is hope outside the house of cards you’ve been living in. Get to know Jesus today.


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