The Beginning


My life was so different 4 years ago. I didn’t go anywhere without my camera, and the beauty I found in the world would become the beginning of the thought, “maybe there is a God after all.” Someone talked about seeds planted the other day, and I couldn’t point to a single person I had allowed in my life that could have planted seeds for me to find Jesus. I didn’t associate with Christians. Honestly, could not stand them. But as I look back and see the beauty I tried to capture every day doing wildlife and landscape photography, I had unknowingly been witnessing firsthand the fruit of God’s seed planted directly in front of my eyes. He revealed Himself to me slowly, through the things I loved in this world because He knew that I had barricaded myself away from any other opportunity of knowing Him. I am blessed to know Him, oh how I am blessed. I can’t say that I look at nature the same as I did before. I can’t say that watching birds makes my heart soar or that I catch every little detail of a flower anymore but that’s because my focus is on Him now instead of His creation.

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Photo Credit. Kristeen Nicole Gillooly

3 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Love your picture and your analogy. I am somewhat offended by your comment about not liking Christian’s. A Christian is a ‘follower of Christ.’ Most of the Christian’s that I know that are truly trying to follow His example have brought light and beauty into my life and have given me plenty of reasons to believe that there IS a God.

    All good things and people that bring beauty into our lives are given to us by our creator.

    1. I understand, and I’m sorry for how this perceived. I was talking about not liking Christians when I was unsaved because I didn’t want to have anything to do Jesus in that time of my life. It wasn’t because they were bad people but because I was jealous of what they had with Him. I felt like He had abandoned me, like He didn’t love me enough. I know better know, and am very thankful for my relationship with Him and other Christians.

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