Speaking Truth Despite Fear of Rejection

I had a friend say something to me this weekend that disappointed me. It disappointed me because it was a Christian friend of mine that was expressing an idolatry mindset. God placed it on my heart to speak the truth to her, and I knew that this conviction could go either way. I did not want to lose my friend but I also knew that I had a responsibility to express my concerns because she professed to know and love our Lord Jesus. I trusted God and discussed my concerns with her. To my surprise, she had prayed to have no gods before Him just the night before, and my word for her was timely and appreciated. I felt blessed by her grace toward me because I knew that defensiveness and denial could have very well driven a wedge between us.

Lord, I am grateful to you for giving me an opportunity to be brave but also for my friend who was graceful and brave herself. We need to support and encourage each other to survive this world of sin, but to also do it with love and compassion. I hope that you will be obedient and compassionate when asked to deliver a challenging word and extend grace when receiving one.


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3 thoughts on “Speaking Truth Despite Fear of Rejection

  1. What a lovely post! Speaking truth in love can be hard because we do risk rejection and losing relationships we care about. It’s so important however, it’s kind and loving, and those of us who are prone to take offense, must soften our hearts and become teachable. If someone’s words are wrong, than they are not meant for us, so there is nothing to feel offended about, and if their words are correct, then we should take them as a sign of love, as evidence someone cared enough to say something.

  2. I’m sure your friend is thankful for your courage in speaking the truth to her. It isn’t always easy, and I have lost friends before because I spoke the truth (with all the love I had). We can only do our best to please and follow the Lord. I’m glad your friend was willing to receive it. Keep on doing that. Prayers.

    1. You know, it’s funny. She told me that our pastor preached yesterday on holding others accountable. We were out of town so missed out, but it was further confirmation for me that I did the right thing.

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