Oh, How I Need You

It’s here again…

the stress, the worry, the fear;

The closer I get to you,

The more I realize

How far away I truly am.


I want to surrender,

I want to be free from this world

But still the shackles remain.


I am scared of dying,

Fearful of being hurt;

And I know you can take

These things away from me.


I’ve been praying for release,

Praying that you will protect me

But maybe I’m doing it all wrong.

Maybe I’m supposed to be

Trusting instead of praying;

Maybe I’m supposed to be

Faithful instead of scared.



Can you still love me

While consumed with such fear?

Can you forgive me, knowing that

Day after day I’m still here?


I’m not good enough

To stand next to you;

I’m not good enough 

To reach out to you with one hand

And be chained to the world with the other.


But I still need you.

Oh, how I need you.




3 thoughts on “Oh, How I Need You

    1. I hear what you are saying. I do think that there is a difference though between praying that God will protect me, and trusting that He will. Often, when praying through an anxious time, I am doing it out of fear rather than from a place of trust. This is the part I need deliverance from.

  1. Similar to my own walk. I think I trust God, but I keep doing things my own way, forgetting that I’m being stubborn, not seeing that it’s really my pride that keeps me from letting go of the reins and letting Him have complete control. And I’ve always been afraid of failure, which keeps me from doing my best.

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