10 Things I’ve Learned Being On Crutches


One day soon I will sit down and write about the little accident I had last week that has caused me to start using crutches. Hoping it’s just temporary. BUT… I couldn’t help come up with a little list about some things I’ve learned these last few days being on them. Here’s what I came up…


1. There are two steps to get into my front door. Who put those there?

2. I can’t jump very high.

3. There are too many closed doors in this world.

4. I can get a cup of coffee to the table BUT

5. I can’t clean up the mess I leave behind.

6. Handbags are just a bad idea.

7. The dog can hold my wallet but then she thinks it’s hers.

8. Teenagers will do anything for a higher allowance.

9. I can still tuck the little one into bed.

10. God is walking with me every step of the way.

Renewed Purpose


I’ve learned that part of surrendering myself to God is writing songs that praise Him rather than as an afterthought prayer to make the pain go away. When I was a baby Christian, I didn’t know any other way to approach Him but I see Him working in me now.

I feel the difference. I trust Him more, and from that trust, I can praise Him in even my darkest hour because His ways are better than mine. I can praise Him and truly rejoice in everything that He is. Thank you Jesus for saving me, for giving me new life, for continuing to convict me, and for calling me to worship.

Today I sing a new song, a song of renewed purpose to bring you glory.

No One Special

I am no one special. Really, as far as this world goes, who I am doesn’t matter. There is no need for applause. There is no need for a great following or a loud cheer. I could delete all of my followers, put down my music, and never sing another note. Jesus would still love me. I am not here for the praise of man but to praise the one who gave His life for me. So if I must sing, I will do it for Him.

If I am hated by every man, and thrown into jail for speaking about my faith and sharing the Gospel, it wouldn’t make me a better or worse person. There is no martyr greater than Jesus, and I am humbled in knowing Him. I am humbled when in the trenches because I know that my sacrifices will never compare to what He has done for me.

I am no one special. All that is good about me came from Him. Everything beautiful and wonderful, everything that instills joy and leaves one with hope is of Him. I am no one special, but my Jesus is everything special to me.


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