One Word, One Name

My best friend is dying. My best friend is dying, and the time is near. I knew this day would come but no matter how many conversations you have about it, the reality is something that hits you over and over again across a large span of time. It hits you all at once… and then again, and again. We deal with it as best we can, and then reality goes to sleep only to be reawakened with every new symptom, with every change….

She can’t communicate. She tries, oh how she tries. We are so far away from each other for reasons I can’t share so the only way we can communicate is through the phone. Her speech has been badly affected, and she can barely even type. She has been trying to communicate with me with all day, and I haven’t been able to understand what she is trying to tell me. It is frustrating for both her and me, and I’m sure we have both had our share of tears today.

My friend is not saved. She doesn’t believe that God loves her, and I have been talking about Jesus at any moment that I can. I know that her time is short, and I want her to have the opportunity to give her heart to Him before He brings her home. She has her reasons for not wanting to go to Heaven, reasons that I understand. I haven’t lost hope though, I can’t lose hope.

She just messaged me. She just messaged me one word, one name, with no explanation or implication. That name was Jesus.

“For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Romans 10:13