You Can Find Hope With Him

It’s a sad day for me as I reflect on a friend that has passed away, a friend I didn’t always get along with but one in which I sacrificed a lot to be there for her during difficult times. We taught each other a lot about love, sacrifice, and surrender. 

I’ll never forget a conversation we had recently. She was feeling worthless, like her life had no meaning or purpose, and she struggled with whether or not I truly loved her. She wasn’t sure anyone really loved her. On this particular day, she needed to be rushed to the hospital for a life-threatening health issue but refused on the grounds that no one cared about her anyway. Several people had tried to reason with her all day, and we finally decided to do an intervention. 

I had discussed God with her many times during our friendship and she mostly hadn’t cared. But in this moment, when she was willing to give up on life because of how she felt she measured up to others, I couldn’t let that stop me from pressing in and telling her the hard truth. I spoke to her about salvation. 

I loved this girl with all of my heart but I had to tell her that her salvation does not depend on my loving her, and that it doesn’t depend on any of the people in her life loving her. I told her that it also didn’t come from her loving me. She had to know that salvation comes from giving her heart to Jesus, and allowing herself to be loved by Him. She had to surrender to Him, and depend on Him to fill the brokenness inside because no one else was going to be able to fix that for her. Through choked tears, I spoke passionately in a way I never have before, with words that could have only come from God himself. 

It was a defining moment in our friendship but more importantly, in her journey to know God. This was a person that had told me just two months prior that she would rather go to hell than know Jesus. It’s what she thought she deserved, and I’m happy knowing that she did finally choose Jesus. She started reading the bible and came to understand her  purpose in life. She even led another to Christ before she died, and is now in the arms of our Savior. 

We all need a Savior. Some, like my friend, are stubborn in their belief that they don’t need Him and don’t want Him. I’ve been there myself so I understand, but so I am thankful that she surrendered everything she had to Him, even her life. Heaven is the reward after a life filled with struggle and pain. Do you know where you’re going when you die? I hope it’s into the arms of Jesus. 

Rest in peace my dear friend. 


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