Growing My Faith

Hurricanes are scary. In all of my time living in North Florida, we have had many predicted to come here but nothing could ever compare to Hurricane Matthew. Back in the day, you just had a hurricane party; this time, my family had to evacuate.
Can I share something with you? I got a little too wrapped up in anxiety with this storm. I had been watching it for at least a week ahead of time, keeping my manager in the loop so that we could make decisions at work. All of that time researching, studying storm surge maps, wind tables, etc. etc. resulted in me forgetting about my faith a bit. I got so wrapped up in the storm that in a lot of ways, I brought it with me when we made it to Alabama. It was as if my faith had been pulled up out of the ground, and I was just a mess. I knew that we were safe but I just couldn’t let go of the anxiety until we were safely back in our own home.
I know what the bible says. I know that I shouldn’t be anxious. It’s a reminder to me that I still have some work to do in growing my faith. I want my faith to be unshakable. I want a solid foundation to stand on, and I realize that the enemy wins every time I give in to the anxiety instead of giving it to God. I need to keep working on that Armor of God.
Psalms 55:22 is my new life verse: “Cast your cares on the Lord, and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.”
What are you holding on to? What do you need to give to God to strengthen your faith? Respond below.