If Happiness Is Your Goal

“As believers, I think we live under a false assumption that we always have to be happy, that somehow happiness is a part of who I am. And I’ve always got to be happy and I’ve always got to be up, and I never face reality and I never face my problems and I never face the challenges that come. This is our way.

But listen to me, if happiness is your goal, it becomes very elusive. And let me tell you why, because happiness is all about me. And you become very inward-focused. And so we strive for happiness and we search for happiness but somehow happiness in itself, if that becomes your end goal, it becomes very, very elusive.

It’s like that elusive butterfly that lights for a moment of happiness but all of a sudden, it goes away and when it goes away, you are left empty all again, and you search for your next way to find some kind of happiness, and it just kind of goes.

As a believer, the chief end of man is not your happiness but is to glorify the Lord.”

Pastor Larry Burgbacher, Faith Assembly of God
From “At The Movies Part 1: Inside Out”


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