What Shingles Looks Like

My husband, Nick, mentioned that I forgot to add something to my last post. Pictures. You know, of what shingles looks like. Oops.

For those interested, here you go. This is how it looks when the rash first starts…



It wrapped around my right side between my breasts to the middle of my back. It’s right under my bra line so wearing bras is completely out of the question until I’m healed.





Of course, it’s gotten much worse. This is what it looks like when the blisters start bursting.




I pray none of you have to deal with this, but even more, I pray that you know Jesus like I do. That you put your whole heart and your whole body at His feet. He truly can bring a peace that you will never quite understand.

May peace be with you.

7 thoughts on “What Shingles Looks Like

  1. I had it and must say it is very painful. I already told you to wash the places with bicarbonate soda. But also lay in the bath when you do it. Add epsonsalts to your water. It takes the poison out of the skin. I bathed every time The pain got to bad. Keep it dry afterwards.

  2. So sorry you have to go through this on top of everything else. I always heard that if you had a severe case of chicken pox as a kid, you didn’t have to worry about shingles as an adult. Don’t know if that’s true. I did have a bad case of chicken pox. So far, thank You, Lord, I’ve never had shingles.

  3. I’ve got the exact same thing except it’s on my face too near my eyeball for comfort. I can honestly say I’m having a bit of anxiety with this new ailment which I haven’t researched to the nth degree🤔

  4. I truly hope and pray you have a speedy recovery because this “S” word (shingles) should translate to extremely sucky because I KNOW, just how miserable you are😵😵🤕🤒🤒 because I’m right there with you. 🐔pox=🏠shingles=
    Feel better soon🥰

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