Sudden Hearing Loss

Profound testimony to start my series called “Letters From Zanele.” She is a remarkable young adult in Africa with a heart for Jesus. Her story and style of writing will move you…

You asked why this might be happening to me, the sudden hearing loss… God is so good as to why everything is happening. I think I am slowly regaining my hearing though, which is something my doctor is going to confirm.

I love reading but mostly I love writing. I can literally write about anything and everything. Last year around december, I volunteered to help out at church, but mostly wanted to help out with the bible study because the teacher or people who conducted the study were very old people. Now don’t get me wrong, I love old people because they have so much wisdom but I felt like we needed someone young for the youth to relate to. I was so happy when they gave me the youth class to teach but I have one of the church elders who conducts the class with me. He is like my supervisor. I always ask him for advice and sometimes I would ask him what to teach at class.

Now there is a woman at church who doesn’t like me at all, its a small church so we almost know each other very well. This woman wanted her son to be the one in charge of the youth bible study. I told her that her son can come and we can work to together but she insisted that I should step down and let her son take over. I wasn’t going to step down but was willing to share the job now because the lady didn’t want that at all, she started telling lies about me at church and rumors which weren’t true. Things like I’m a party animal and I drink too much. First of all, due to my heart condition, alcohol is a big NO and I don’t like parties. So she basically told lies which were nowhere near the truth. The problem with me is that I’m very sensitive, I take words literally into my heart.

Now its been a few weeks now that this has been happening and the first time she told a lie about me, I got sick. My sudden hearing loss began when all these negative words from her started affected my health. Its only today when I talked to my pastor at church that I got to understand what was happening.

God was silencing the negative words that came from this lady because they were completely destroying my spirit. My revelation was when I got to understand that to Quiet The Noise doesn’t apply to the music we listen to only but to the people we listen to. I asked myself if the words we choose to listen to from people; are they bringing us closer to God or pulling us further and further away. Its only just yesterday that I finally Quiet The Noise from this woman and that’s when today when I woke up, I had a better hearing that last night.

God was protecting me. He was guiding me, He knew that I would eventually get sick to a point where I land up in hospital again unless I really took out the negativity away from my spirit. I Praise Him because He is Lord. Its still a fuzzy picture but that’s my conclusion, God was looking out for me all along ūüėä


I’m Just Like You…

Can I share something with you? I’m actually pretty shy. I dislike crowds, and I really dislike being in a situation where I don’t know anyone. Especially one where no one wants to know me.

I was picked on all growing up and just never felt loved or accepted in this world. A sensitive child with a sensitive heart, I was always deeply hurt by the actions of others and so I started shying away from people for fear of rejection. It’s a cross I’ve born most of my life, but I can say that The Lord has pushed me to break out of the shell of my past.

I am born new, in His likeness, and so it would seem at times like I have it all figured it out or that I’m fearless. I’m not and I’m still shy. It’s the Lord’s light that people see. I’m still just me, a girl holding together the broken pieces of my past by the grace of God’s strength. I can’t do it all. I’m not superwoman. I fail people at times. I yell at the kids, upset my husband, and burn dinner sometimes too.

I’m just like you – a little broken, but a lot SAVED. I am thankful to have the grace of God in my life.


This is absolutely amazing! I have been hash tagging #QuietTheNoise myself today and you really need to hear how Pastor Dan breaks down popular songs on the radio today. He is doing amazing things with these teenagers!

KNG Music

What a great idea, but what exactly does it mean? ¬†I have started hash tagging it along with my Youth Pastor Dan and his youth group. ¬†Pastor Dan came across very strong in his sermon and very serious about the music today. ¬†He talked about how the meaning of the music is hidden in mainstream music today. ¬†What we find ourselves listening to sounds great, but the actual meaning hidden within the song contradicts what a Christian should be listening too. ¬†His challenge to his youth group Relentless Youth and anyone else that is up for it is to turn down the mainstream music and turn up the music that glorifies God. ¬†Pastor Dan said, ‚Äúworship is more than a song, it is a lifestyle.‚ÄĚ ¬†Everything we do day in and day out can be an act of worship. ¬†We have to look daily at what items are causing us‚Ķ

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It May Feel Like…

At times it may feel like you are taking two steps forward, and one step back, but as long as you are holding the hand of Christ, you are making progress and moving through the pain so that you can finally see the light.

Shield Yourself

This is my message to a girl who is losing her hearing but it’s something we all have to be mindful of. There is much evil in this world that we have to protect ourselves from. One of the first things I did when I got saved was to start listening to Christian music. Then I started watching Christian movies and now will only watch PG-13 or better. If the kids shouldn’t be watching it, then neither should I. My husband and I are vigilant when it comes to our ministry and living the life we call on others to live. We must all be an example to our children on how to live in this world, but not be of it. I pray these words encourage you…

“While I am saddened to hear the news of your hearing, I know that God has his love safely wrapped around you. You go ahead and fill that ear with nothing but pleasant and Godly things. Protect them from the evils of this world and lend them only to the holy. Honor Him with all the hearing that you have left and remember that a lot of true listening comes from our heart. You will not be forsaken but lifted up to a higher purpose. This I truly believe.”

It Has Come To My Attention That…

The Devil sure likes to get in the way. It was supposed to be simple – click on the link, be taken to our ministry page…

A sincere apology to everyone that tried to listen to the interview I did on my husband’s show, “Faith Matters” in the segment Come As You Are.¬†I mentioned it in my last post and even provided the link that would take them directly to my website. I’m just now finding out that over 100 people tried to listen to that interview and were not able to.

Asking people if they could be happy while not being Christian sparked quite the conversation but I would love if you could listen to what sparked the debate in the first place. You can listen to the interview here.

God Bless,


Can You Be Happy If You’re Not A Christian?

This was a question I was asked recently. It completely caught me off guard, and the person asking, knew that I was already a Christian. What she was really trying to find out was if I was happy before I ¬†became a Christian. I’m sure that the answer is different for everyone but Brenda had ¬†been wanting to ask me for a really long time. She finally had her chance and my answers really surprised her. Maybe they will surprise you too.

My husband, Nicholas Gonzalez, overheard my conversation with Brenda and was inspired¬†to interview me for his radio show, Faith Matters. You can listen to my response online here in¬†the segment called¬†“Come As You Are.”

I would love to hear your thoughts on this question. Are you Christian? Do you consider yourself happy? If you are Christian, how does your life compare to your previous life before you knew Christ? So many questions but also so many opportunities to have a conversation about faith and religion. Share your story below!